The end of the world.

There she lays on the off white, linoleum tiled floor
Blood streaming down her arm and onto the floor
With Pills insights she wonders
if that was the route she should have taken
She’s on enough of them,
Taking them all at once is enough to kill the largest of men.
So she gets up, grabs them, places them in her purse.
she runs
She goes to a spot by the river
that used to be her safe place. Her meditation spot.
Now, it will be her death bed.
She swallows bottle by bottle
looking out into the water and at the trees she thinks
what a wonderful place to fade away
and be forgotten.



This and a melody popped into my head,

This and a melody popped into my head, so these words may be turned into a song. 

Someday it’s going to get better. 
and someday, all of these hardships
will turn into lessons learned. 
I’ll come out stronger than ever before
but right now, all I can do
is keep hanging on. 

One day, it’s going to get better
and you’re there to help me through
to show me love, to give me hugs
and always be there when I need you. 




I love writing and music.

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