There’s nothing to see
and everything to witness.
You can look away,
you can close your eyes
but it’s still going to sting.

The world is a heavy place
but made to seem light.
You can try to walk away
but the weight will still be there
holding you down, holding you back
while making you feel free

Can you hear those sounds?
They can be so misleading
You only hear what you choose to
because once you hear the truth
it can’t be unheard
It’ll be enough to make you go deaf.

They can make you smell fear
to cover up the scent of corruption
just a flowery air freshener
that is sprayed in your face

Eat the sugar coating
taste how sweet
but beware of it’s poison


The meaning of tears.

This is was inspired by a really corny, really short poem I wrote. Hence the reason this has a hint of corny to it

Tears are mysterious things.
They may all look the same,
but tears have many meanings
and reasons for falling.

We all know the sad tears.
They are what we usually think of
when we see someone crying.
We assume they are upset or hurt.
It’s just one of those things
that we’ve been taught to assume
in a cruel world like ours.

But what about those tears
that swell ours eyes with happiness
The kind we get when we are over joyed
to the point that it over flows out of our eyes?
Usually caused by family or friends.
The people that effect us the most

There are those tears that come out
to see what’s so funny
and then laugh along with you
because they agree that the joke is hilarious.

Tears can be caused when we’re afraid.
Being terrified and not knowing
it’s like they come out to investigate
and intimidate the cause.
Like a body’s self defence.

People show tears because they are angry.
or frustration has taken a hold.
You get so worked up
to the point of not being able to hold it in.

Tears can also be a way to communicate
That’s what babies use them for.
It can be a way of expressing one’s self
to someone that speaks a different language.
Tears are universal.

Sometimes food can bring on tears.
whether it be an onion
or one hot tamale.

No matter what tears are
or where they come from
it’s always nice
to have a shoulder to cry on.


I Want the World to Know

What better way to start off a blog, than to have my first post be a poem about what I want when I die.

When I die, I want the world to know;
that I was beautiful. Inside, and out.

When I die, I want the world to know;
that behind this sarcastic exterior,
was the heart of a poet.

When I die, I want the world to know;
that my heart wasn’t always blind.
It was once capable of loving someone,
until my heart was in ruins.

When I die, I want the world to know;
that the only thing I wanted in life,
was the change the world,
make my mark
and be remembered, forever.

~ Maray




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