The Ride

Antsy, shaky, and can’t sit still.
The world spins in chaotic circles around me.
Time stands still.
The sounds. All sounding like nails on a chalk board.
Nausea, sweats, goosebumps.
Stomach churning, back aches
and fanning hair just isn’t working.

The walls stay in place as they slowly move in.
Every inhale, every exhale, brings those walls closer.
Toxic fumes in the world outside
leaving me with no point of exit.
Which means no escape and no running.
Left in torture and suffering.
Until this ride comes to a complete stop.


sonnet of what?

Not all things visible are actually there. 
Think you’re walking on glass
but really walking on air. 
think moments won’t pass
but before you know it they’re gone
so pack up your things
convince yourself you’ve said so long
try to spread your wings
fly off into the setting sun
be the hero you want to be
make it all look grand and fun
but it won’t take you long to see
things aren’t always what they seem. 



I love writing and music.

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