When the world is a swirling mess
he snaps her back to reality
and keeps her grounded. 
He protects her
usually from herself. 
He brought love and light
into a dying heart. 
He made her feel things
she never thought possible
He taught her,
that there is such thing
as a happy ending
because he is hers. 
and hopefully she will be his. 



in the dark she sits
watching as the light flashes by
swirling, twirling around her
and all she can do is wait.

in the dark she listens
never had silence been so loud
it blocks out her voice
and all she can do is wait. 

In the dark, she reads
though words aren’t really there
she sees them crystal clear
but, still, all she can do is wait. 


There’s nothing to see
and everything to witness.
You can look away,
you can close your eyes
but it’s still going to sting.

The world is a heavy place
but made to seem light.
You can try to walk away
but the weight will still be there
holding you down, holding you back
while making you feel free

Can you hear those sounds?
They can be so misleading
You only hear what you choose to
because once you hear the truth
it can’t be unheard
It’ll be enough to make you go deaf.

They can make you smell fear
to cover up the scent of corruption
just a flowery air freshener
that is sprayed in your face

Eat the sugar coating
taste how sweet
but beware of it’s poison



I love writing and music.

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