This and a melody popped into my head,

This and a melody popped into my head, so these words may be turned into a song. 

Someday it’s going to get better. 
and someday, all of these hardships
will turn into lessons learned. 
I’ll come out stronger than ever before
but right now, all I can do
is keep hanging on. 

One day, it’s going to get better
and you’re there to help me through
to show me love, to give me hugs
and always be there when I need you. 



Found another one!

This one, I found as a draft but didn’t actually finish it. So I added to it and here it is.

somewhere on the path, I’ve lost my mind
and all my thoughts were left behind.
my only way back, is to follow my tears.
To move forward, I must dodge my fears

Where am I going, what am I doing?
Depression hurts, but is also soothing.
It gives me something to feel,
something to make this life seem real.

That’s when you came into my life
and saved me from my pain and strife.
Without you, I don’t know where I’d be
but I do know, I wouldn’t be this happy.

You’re the change I wanted to be
the change I couldn’t find within me.
Now, a year later you’re still mine
I didn’t think life would ever be this sublime.

Yes, I know, it’s rhymey and corny. To bad. You read it, you’ll never be able to unread it. So there.

a poem of haikus

Okay, so I’m a horrible blogger. I swear, I start writing, tell myself I”m going to come back here and finish them, but I never do….. sorry about that. Anyways, I’m going through my drafts and found this. I don’t remember why I started writing this, It seems finished to me, so if I didn’t post it, I don’t know why. so here it is.


Breath in, and breath out
thoughts are racing through my head
anxiety sucks.

One step at a time
walking through a path of terror
anxiety sucks

Try to clear my thoughts.
meditation not working
anxiety sucks

❤ Maray



I love writing and music.

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