I just wrote to say I love you.

Happiness comes in the form of your smile. Just to hear joy in your voice
creates joy all around.
Your hugs make the shakes go away
rids the anxiety and stress of the day
Your goofy jokes and silly dances
make me laugh in ways unheard of.

It could use some editing. But, it’s something.


Haiku poem

Breath in, and breath out
thoughts are racing through my head
anxiety sucks.

One step at a time
walking through a path of terror
anxiety sucks

Try to clear my thoughts.
meditation not working
anxiety sucks

Take pill after pill
can finally fall aslep
western medicine

let’s give it a try

Hey. thank you to everyone that gave me ideas. I like the ideas of best dreams, and the one about fears. So maybe I’ll combine the two. I had this dream back in high school that inspired me to write this.


Wandering around town. No destination. Out of no where, struck down. It happened so fast, I didn’t see what happened. The next thing I know, I’m standing in line. I don’t know what I’m waiting for, but I know I can’t escape. I reach the front of the line, and it all becomes clear. I’ve died, and in line for Hell.

When I receive my judgment, they tell me that I’ve lived a good life. One that was full of kindness, and generosity. I’ve done everything for everyone. The person said that I should be going to heaven. But the reason I’ve been sent to Hell is, that I don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The guard told me that I was lucky. So many people have sinned, that they have over populated hell to the brim, and there was no more room left. So I was taken to a big white waiting room. It wasn’t so bad, I knew people there. People I have been friends with for years. They showed me around. There was food, and everything. The only thing that was wrong with the food, it was all sugar free. Sugar free soda, sugar free coffee, and even sugar free pizza. I was curious about how it tasted, because, I’ve never heard of sugar free pizza before. I grab a plate and see that all of the utensils are red, and disposable. Red plates, red cups, and red silverware. The pizza wasn’t bad. It didn’t really taste any different.

An alarm goes off, and I wake up to find that it was a dream. The sugar free pizza idea still lingered in my head. Despite being told the reason I was sent to the dark pit of fire, I refused to change my religion. I’ve always respected Christianity, but I believe what I believe, and I won’t change that.

❤ Maray



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